Excerpt from Pop Passion Blog Review:

"Based in Philadelphia, Connor Kirk is a talented singer-songwriter and electric performer. With notes of pop, punk, alternative-rock and funk, Connor’s music caters to a wide audience... In 2022 Connor released four new singles, closing out the year with his most recent bop, "Dancing With The Dogs”. He is active on TikTok, posting content that gives fans a glimpse into the life of a rising musician. Aside from song promotion, Connor posts clips from his live performances, where we can see his lively dancing, audience interaction and some acoustic reinterpretations of his original music. Connor has a star quality stage presence and has opened for bands such as Ceramic Animal and Young the Giant. Connor Kirk’s wide vocal range, creative lyricism and exhilarating personality set him apart as a talented artist with limitless potential.

-Julia Hooper (Pop Passion)

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Excerpt from "InMusic" interview:

Q: How would you define your music?

A: The way that I'm coming to understand/think about my music is as a method for discovering better questions about myself and the world around me. In many ways that seems to be the way that art functions in my life--an exploration of things far beyond my conscious comprehension

Q: Can you tell me about your new single "Dancing With The Dogs"?"

A: Dancing With the Dogs" is an upbeat dance piece that houses darker, dystopian themes beneath the surface. It juxtaposes elements of funk music with the grittier sensibilities of punk/alt rock which I think gives it a compellingly layered texture. I wrote it over the course of about a week, starting with the harmonies, melodies, and basic arrangement, then finally the lyrics.

Can you tell me a bit about... "Strangers on a Train"?

"Strangers on a Train" is a surrealist, dream-sequence kind of song. It also takes place in the same world as "Hunger City" and "Dancing With The Dogs," though at a moment of lessened tension. It's about sex, dissatisfaction, and longing from the skewed perspective of a Kubrick-like non-human. The title comes from Alfred Hitchcock's noir film of the same name.

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